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About Carla


As a spiritual director it is my honor to join you on your spiritual pilgrimage. I am a compassionate listener who offers gentle care, coming alongside those asking tough questions about God, their personal faith, and life itself. 


Through my own journey,  I have found we are most likely to receive healing and comfort when someone sits with us as we explore our pain and grief and discover our beauty.  It is essential to me that when we sit together every part of you feels welcomed and loved - because you are!


Certificate in Spiritual Direction - Moody Bible College 2021


"When I entered into Spiritual Direction with Carla, I did not have much experience sitting with this kind and gentle practice, so didn't know what to expect. I felt very welcomed and at ease in her presence.  The invitation to explore questions I didn't even know I had, let alone longed for clarity on surfaced in a genuine conversational way. To be held in this space of loving care and guidance with Carla is refreshment for my heart & soul."

"Meeting with Carla for spiritual direction was taking a walk with a gentle friend to a sacred place. She is patient,  attentive, and a good companion with whom to enter the Father's presence."

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