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About Christine


“In the absence of reflection, history often repeats itself”

Dan Siegel.    



Hello, I’m Christine! I’m a wife, mama to three, a nurse, and Trauma Informed  Storywork Counselor and Life Coach, passionate about helping women explore their stories and live their healthiest life possible. 

Over a decade as a pediatric nurse, I saw how abuse, trauma, and destructive patterns pass from generation to generation. Often, I felt at a loss at how to address it to create lasting change. It was

through Storywork that I found a holistic answer that brought together neuroscience, theology, and psychology for profound healing. I experienced it myself and watched countless others break free from

lies and stories that had kept them bound in harm for years. 

This led me to pursued advanced training in trauma and sexual abuse through the Allender Center at The Seattle School of Psychology and Theology. I’ve witnessed the transformation power of Storywork

to bring healing to all areas of health for the individual and the power to change the trajectory of a family. 

I offer one-on-one care for women and mothers in the first decade of parenting, in a safe and empathic environment. Helping each client understand how formational stories are influencing the aspects of

their current lives with a particular focus on parenting, spirituality, marriage, and medical trauma.


Sessions are booked in 12-session contracts at $125/session. Discounted rates available based on financial need and for those with medically complex children. 

Taking this journey with my clients is such an honor. If you’d like to learn more email me to set up a free introductory call!

What Clients Say:


Christine at The Broken and Beautiful has so graciously and courageously witnessed my story in a way that I’ve never experienced before. The work of Story is so incredibly healing and life changing. I will forever be grateful. – Amber, Mother of 4

Christine has radically changed the way I see myself, and in turn, how I see the world. This work is not easy, but it is life changing. I have never felt so seen, supported, or worthy of good care. There is beauty

and hope right next to all of our brokenness, and I truly believe there needs to be more of this work in the world.  - Jade, Mother of 2

*Names changed for confidentiality


Education & Experience


Bachelors of Science in Nursing, University of Nebraska Lincoln 2006


Pediatric RN, 2006-present


Certified in Narrative Focused Trauma Care, Levels I, II, III - The Allender Center 2020-2023


Storywork Counselor – The Broken and Beautiful 2021- present

Certified Professional Life Coach 2021 - present


Allender Center Story Workshop Facilitator – The Allender Center 2023- present

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