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The Voice of Truth...or Shame?

As I ponder this morning, I'm struck with how important it is to understand that there are a variety of messages that run through my head on a regular basis: how important it is to be able to distinguish the Voice of Truth from the Voice of Shame.

The tricky part is that I often agree with what Shame says to me quickly. It takes my thoughts, feelings, and behavior down a rapid, tumultuous current with very little effort on my part. It really only takes hearing it for me to believe it.

The voice of Truth takes practice to hear. It takes time, wisdom, discernment, and tenacity. But, when I do hear it, rather than a tumultuous journey down a rock infested current of Shame and defensiveness, I find I'm peacefully resting like a leaf that just lands on top of still waters.

Doesn't that sound lovely? So, why is it so difficult to hear the Voice of Truth In our thoughts?

I believe the answer to that is multi-pronged, but, foremost, I believe it's because we take in a ferocious amount of information in our every day lives that aligns with shame. And, Shame is an "ancient" voice in our mind. In other words, it was formed early through painful experiences. It takes intentionality to find the still, calm Voice of Truth. Most of us don't have those kinds of resources built into our lives. We have to look for them. It will cost us something - time, resources, and energy - to begin hearing, and living out of, the Voice of Truth. But, oh,'s worth it! There is no cost too high for the experience of Peace.

My hope for you is that you will find someone or something in your life today that confirms the Voice of Truth in you. The Voice that says, "you are esteemed. You are worthy of belonging. You are beloved."

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