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There are usually five or six defining experiences in our lives that have served to create the lens through which we view the world, ourselves, and God. Additionally, what is true about our lives - what is true about us - may seem obvious, yet when we take a closer look, we may find that there's more to it than we realize. It takes a tremendous amount of honesty and courage to "own" our story. 

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.” Brene Brown

Brown goes on to explain her thoughts like this:


"... if we do not claim worthiness inside of our story, we end up hustling for worthiness on the outside of our story – who we are and what we believe becomes secondary to who do you want me to be and what do you want me to believe."

Doesn't that ring true? Yet, we may wonder how we accomplish the task of claiming worthiness inside our story. What does that mean, exactly?


The process of looking at those five or six most influential stories, helps us choose what from our past we wish to keep and discard. Nestled within each is the power to create different endings, to live more fully in the present, and to experience better relationships.

Often, I hear people say, "the past is the past. Why don't we just leave it alone?" However, the past comes into the present with us whether we like it or not.  Facing it is not as scary or hard as trying to outrun it!


We waste a lot of resources trying to outrun our past: time, energy, and money. Story Counseling can help you stop running and find the abundant life you desire. 


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