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About Tiffany


WHOLEcelebrationofyou was born out of the process of finding me, through empathetic and kind others helping me to uncover my trauma, things in me to CELEBRATE, my grief and the joy that follows it, and the pain in my own life experiences. I am a registered nurse by profession and have worked in Intensive Care, Ventilator Pediatric Home Health, OB/GYN and Postpartum. I have witnessed the whole life cycle, the ways our physical body develops and works from conception to dying, from illness and injury to rehab and recovery, from sepsis to organ failure to arresting to being revived, from opening the heart to surgery, while put to sleep, on lung bypass and the recovery that follows, from baby heartbeats to loss of them, from diagnoses that crush us to treatment. I want to extend this same safe healing space for the trauma that comes with this life, where patience, grace, truth, and hope come alongside YOU to offer opportunities to CELEBRATE all YOU were made to be, even the parts of YOU, YOU may want to hide and protect. I believe vulnerability invites and makes it safe to be vulnerable. I believe I can’t take someone further than I’ve been willing to go. I have learned, while participating in my own counseling, marriage counseling, leading bible studies and groups for women in hard relationships for years, meeting one on one with countless women and teens, who are hurting and feel broken, that the way we have come to know God and others, is through fallen people who often misrepresent Him, including myself and don’t allow us to truly be our WHOLE selves. I have a passion for healing deceit and the pain it causes, the ways we are deceived by others, the ways we deceive others and the ways we deceive ourselves. I welcome all who struggle to find YOU and who YOU are, the hurting who want and need healing, those who wrestle with relationships, intimacy, sexuality, emotions, boundaries, religion, and spirituality and life and those, who like me, have been harmed and hurt and have also harmed and hurt others and want to heal. YOU were made to be CELEBRATED! YOU are worth being heard, seen, accepted, and attuned to for YOU! YOU are worth YOUR own healing!

I have a passion for groups and one on one sessions for adult women and teens.


Diploma in Registered Nursing, Bryan School of Nursing

completion of certificate in narrative focused trauma care, levels 1 and 2 - the allender center 2022, 2023

certified in Trauma Focused Narrative care -The Allender Center 2024

Certified Professional Life Coach

Sexual Addiction Recovery Informed

Anorexia Recovery Informed

Sexual Trauma Recovery Informed

Transformational Prayer Ministries Informed

Body Trauma Informed

Enneagram Informed

My Greatest Education: Consistently working to heal my own trauma by receiving good care and learning How my style of relating Hurts others.

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