About Tracy


Hi, I'm Tracy.  I’m a certified Transformational Life Coach.


I’m passionate about helping people who are tired of trying to be someone, who long to clearly hear their own voice above the noise and flourish in the freedom of living fully and honestly out of their genuine self.


Transformational Coaching is more than setting goals and actionable steps. We'll deepen your understanding of who you are, where you’ve been and who you want to be. I bring large open spaces for you to explore and experience the freedom of self-discovery and self-determination 

in a judgement-free zone.


Do you hear that voice inside that's telling you your life wasn't meant to be so small? 


It's overwhelming and exhausting trying to become the person you think you're supposed to be.


I want you to know there is another way. We'll begin by naming things correctly.

First: there's nothing wrong with you.

The problem is the treadmill you're on.

You have to step off.

It isn't easy and it takes courage.

I want you to know you have the courage and you don't have to do it alone.

If you're like the rest of us, you're on more than one treadmill.

We'll take them one at a time.


We’ll distinguish truth from lies, fantasy from reality, kindness from ‘nice’, self-affirming from doormat. We’ll create room for you to uncover the questions you have yet to ask yourself. Room in which you’re free to dream, explore and plan your next steps.


Certified Professional Life Coach

Bachelor of Arts University of Nebraska Lincoln