Writing Your Story

Writing Your Story Workshop is designed to introduce you to the basics of personal storywriting. Through this work, we will begin to see how our stories affect our every day lives. We will grow understanding about how our stories become entangled with one another in sometimes painful ways.

This workshop is designed for individuals, co-workers, families, or any groups of people who regularly interact with one another.

Reclaiming Beauty

Reclaiming Beauty is designed to help us identify the goodness and beauty we offer through our unique personalities, gifts, and talents. During our time together, we will explore our identity and creativity; we will worship, and play. This workshop is for women only.

Restoring Hope

Restoring Hope is a conference designed for women who have survived sexual, spiritual, psychological, emotional, or physical abuse. During our time together, we will worship, clarify values, have reflection times, and explore true identity.

Enneagram Basics

The Enneagram Basics Workshop is an introduction to this valuable personality tool. If you enjoy learning more about yourself and how you interact with the people around you, the Enneagram Basics Workshop is for you.


“Every person’s life is a story and every story is worth hearing.” – Unknown

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