About Patria


Welcome to The Broken and Beautiful! 


I offer affordable, expert Counseling* and Coaching services in Lincoln, Nebraska and online. I am a Storywork Counselor and Certified Professional Life Coach and I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. But, in reality these titles don’t hold the truth of what has landed me here. If you had told me 15  years ago that this would be my work, I wouldn't have been able to imagine it. However, I am doing this work because I know how much my life has been changed by experienced, safe people who invested in my growth and wellbeing.


My life's passion has become offering back what so graciously has been given to me.


I’m passionate about people... and, “people" is you. I want you to know you belong. If you know me, you have likely heard me say, "even if you're a lump on the ground, I believe in your value and I believe that what you offer the world has meaning." To date, I’ve not met someone who is merely a lump on the ground!


Here’s the bottom line though—I can believe this about you until the cows come home, but if you don’t believe it about yourself, it will do you no good. For most of us, in order to get to the place where we truly believe in our value, it takes gobs and oodles of courage and integrity—and learning how to read the stories of our lives well. Most of us need accountability and good care to live in that wholehearted way. In other words, it doesn’t just happen. We must be intentional about it.

I’ve been married to my husband for 29 years. We have two amazing grown-up kids - Madalyne and Kelson. 


I’m also a proud owner of two pound puppies who each bring their own brand of special to our family: Lexi Lou, and Dashell Robert. We thought we were rescuing them, but I'll tell you a little secret...  they rescued us!


Education & EXPERIENCE

BSN, Union College  1995

Prayer Counselor Certification  2009

Certified Professional Life Coach  2018

APSATS Training (The Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists)   2018 

Completion of Certificate in trauma focused narrative therapy, Levels I and II - The Allender Center  2017, 2018

Completion of Externship in trauma focused narrative therapy - The Allender Center  2019

fellow -The Allender Center 2022-present


"Patria has a unique gift of bringing kindness, curiosity, and truth to a space. She creates safety to explore hard topics and invited me gently into fragile places in my story. She sat with me as I navigated the shadows and helped to shine gentle light to the corners. With her help, I was able to look at difficult scenes, engage my pain, and begin to heal. If you are looking for a wise guide to help you navigate the path of your heart, I highly recommend Patria." - Julie

"There aren't many who are willing to sit with broken people in their pain....to be present and to skillfully listen with compassion. She gives time and space to hurting people...not rushing them along but joining them in the journey as she points them to Jesus...the One who sees..hears..understands and helps...Thank you Patria....for being present...unhurried...and skillful. For journeying with me in the hard buried places...for pointing me to Jesus and reminding me of His pursuing love...." - Connie