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About Shay


"Shame dies when stories are told in safe spaces." -Ann Voskamp

As a trauma survivor myself I have poured my time and energy into creating a place of safety and warmth for those who are seeking healing. So often our journeys lead us through intense trauma and terrible grief. We might even find that we are losing hope. It is my honor to sit with those who are struggling with feelings of hopelessness and despair.

In my own journey towards healing and wholeness I have found a few things to be key. The first has been engaging my story. As I sat with a storywork counselor I began to understand my story and myself in a way that allowed me to find freedom from shame and hope in what is to come. During that same season I began taking courses in spiritual direction and formation and found that my understanding of God had clearly been influenced by my story and left me empty and alone. I am so pleased to say that through these processes and the incredible wisdom and attunement others have offered to me I have been able to find a relationship with God that is so much richer than I knew was possible.

My desire to offer others the gifts that have been so generously offered to me resulted in my receiving training from the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology in Narrative Focused Trauma Care. Additionally, I have received training through Moody Bible Institute in Spiritual Formation and Direction and completed certificates at both schools. Clients typically seek me out because they hear of my experience in one area or the other, but I believe the beauty of what I have to offer is the mix of my own experiences and the combination of training I have completed. For me it has been so helpful to deal with the psychological impacts of what I have experienced while also addressing that it has affected me spiritually. My office is located in Lincoln, NE and I am pleased to offer virtual appointments as well.


BSN, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Completion of Certificate in Spiritual Direction - Moody Bible College

Completion of Certificate in Trauma Focused Narrative care, Levels I and 2- The Allender Center 

Certified Professional Life Coach

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