About Shay


The journey to hope is fraught with grief.  As a storywork counselor, spiritual director, and life coach, I am committed to providing space and safety for those on the perilous path of hope and healing.  I am drawn to people who are in grief, feeling abandoned by God and by those who were supposed to love them. My hope is to provide a space of safety and support that allows others to process their trauma and to experience the longings deep within their own soul.

Meeting with an Allender trained counselor provided safety for me to begin exploring the beliefs my life’s experiences had shaped.  Through her kindness and care, I was able to begin seeing the truth that had been hidden.  I was named as good—as a person with value and beauty.  For the first time, I began to experience what it means to find harmony between the truth of who I am and the living that I have done.  In a way that is profoundly sacred, I began to see evidence of beauty in a story that once only brought me grief.

My own experiences of freedom and hope through storywork counseling brought me to a point where I longed to share what I had learned with others. I have received advanced training at The Allender Center at The Seattle School of Psychology and Theology in Narrative Focused Trauma Care. It is an honor to serve clients in a one-on-one setting offering the care and containment that they have been missing. 

It is my hope to help people who are grieving and searching  for answers like I was—wondering if there is hope for goodness and feeling that they have been abandoned.  In meeting with me, you will find a voice that is kind, a space that is safe, and a heart that is committed to journeying with you into the wonder of who you are meant to be. 


BSN, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Completion of Certificate in Spiritual Direction - Moody Bible College

Completion of Certificate in Trauma Focused Narrative Therapy, Level I - The Allender Center 

Certified Professional Life Coach