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Life Coaching


Life Coaching is one of those terms that gets thrown around with various undercurrents of meaning. From our perspective at The Broken and Beautiful, life coaching isn't about making outlandish promises. Instead, The Broken and Beautiful Life Coaching is about learning to live from our truest selves—even when our circumstances don't change as we often wish they would. To be sure, there are times when we have power to change our circumstances, but more often than not, the thing we can affect most is to become deeply grounded in ourselves, learning to be resilient in adversity.

What Does this Mean?

The Broken and Beautiful Life Coaching is for folks who are committed to truth and reality. From that grounded perspective, we will work together to identify the habits and patterns keeping us stuck in the mud. Once the roadblocks are identified, it's easier to see a way forward.

How it Will Help You

This productive and unique approach to life coaching offers a change in  perspective, which brings endurance to your soul and revitalizes the faith that says, "life is good!"


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