Patria has a unique gift of bringing kindness, curiosity, and truth to a space. She creates safety to explore hard topics and invited me gently into fragile places in my story. She sat with me as I navigated the shadows and helped to shine gentle light to the corners. With her help, I was able to look at difficult scenes, engage my pain, and begin to heal. If you are looking for a wise guide to help you navigate the path of your heart, I highly recommend Patria. - Julie

Ray of Light

There aren't many who are willing to sit with broken people in their be present and to skillfully listen with compassion. She gives time and space to hurting people...not rushing them along but joining them in the journey as she points them to Jesus...the One who sees..hears..understands and helps...
Thank you Patria....for being present...unhurried...and skillful.
For journeying with me in the hard buried places...for pointing me to Jesus and reminding me of His pursuing love.... - Connie