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We have found that sometimes when our lives feel overwhelming and confusing, retreats are a good way to take care of ourselves. During these retreats, we pray, rest, and allow others to care for us. Our retreats are designed with these ideas in mind. 


It is our desire to offer a space where you can come away to rest, reflect, seek clarity and receive care. As part of your ongoing healing and wellness journey, retreats offer you further opportunity to ask questions, meet one-on-one with our experts, learn new ways of relating to yourself, others and God, and to be curious about your purpose. 


Our Coaches, Counselors, and Spiritual Directors work together to plan and provide retreats that will appeal to a wide variety of people and their needs. With that in mind, everything at our retreats is invitational. You will be able to choose from a variety of opportunities like group projects, group processing, education, massage, kayaking and outdoor activities, one-on-one time with our facilitators, and more. 

While we invite participants to set their own goals in their healing and wellness journey, one of our goals is to allow you the freedom to be curious about and to discover what is most beneficial to you in your current season of life. 


We invite you to come and be our guest as we walk alongside you on your journey.


New in 2022...Reclaiming Beauty through Discovering Our Identity. We will be offering this year-long, retreat-inclusive journey that is designed to help you on your way to healing and wholeness. This course will include groups and classes on topics to promote curiosity around healing from trauma through storywork, the Enneagram, spiritual formation and more. There will be 4 weekend retreats offered throughout the year. Contact us for more information.


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